PlaneUpload WooCommerce Plugin adds an upload widget to your store, so your customers can attach files directly to the order.

WooCommerce allow the customer to add files to product


Your customer can add files to the order starting from the product view.

WooCommerce allow customer to upload files to the cart


Files are attached separately to every product of the order there is a different uploader.

WooCommerce allow your customer to add files to ther order

Order (customer)

Your customer can add comments to each file.

WooCommerce download files attached to the order

Order (admin)

Access the files from the admin panel.

Magical features

Auto backup

All files are uploaded to two clouds simultaneously. So you can have your files on your Dropbox and Google Drive in the same time!


File miniatures are generated for file formats like .pdf, .pps, .doc, .html, .psd, .cdr, .mp4 and over 100+ more.

File compression

Enable this feature, and the uploaded files will be compressed, so you have a lot of more free space on your cloud, and downloads are significantly faster.


All in the system about file actions is logged. If for example somebody uploaded the file, you know who, when, where and with what speed.

How to install PlaneUpload WooCommerce plugin?

  • 1. Download PlaneUpload WooCommerce plugin from here: download the plugin or install it from the Wordpress directory
  • 2. Upload it to your Wordpress website and activate
  • 3. Create your account on PlaneUpload
  • 4. Connect your first cloud
  • 5. Add your first API key here and copy it to the clipboard
  • 6. Paste it in your Wordpress website at "PlaneUpload Settings" from the main menu
  • 7. That's it! Now you have the uploader running on product, cart and order views



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